Chubsydragon Creations

Chubsydragon Creations

I sell an odd array of accessories, sculptures, and functional pieces with a weird, monstrous quirkiness. Monstercakes, hair accessories, dragons and dice beast familiars all made by hand with the help of a couple of weird dogs.
I work in ceramic, needlefelt, and polymer clay mediums! I like the creepy, but cute side of things! My Dreaming Tree Collection features some of the weirder, more surreal ceramic work, while my main title offers a brighter fare.

Ixchel Crystals


Minerals and rocks galore. Naturally beautify your space with Earth's gifts of minerals, crystals and rocks. All natural raw or rough crystal stones. Carrying agates, fossils, amethyst, geodes, shungite jewelry and many more minerals. Some sage bundles and Palo Santo to cleanse the the rocks or your space.

Ixchel Chrystals

Ixchel (pronounced Ishchel) was the Mayan goddess of the moon, rainbow, medicine, and fertility. Ixchel has been know to be a shaman.
Ixchel Crystals was created by a single mom who is an avid rock collector, who was inspired by the Mayan goddess, and decided to share her love of the many crystals and healing stones the earth has to offer.

Ixchel Chrystals
Ixchel Chrystals


Lichenology Jewelry Seattle
Lichenology Seattle Jewelry

I create one-of-a-kind jewelry by uniting locally gathered natural materials - namely driftwood, lichen and antler - into distinct statement pieces. My designs showcase the finer details of each material to create cohesive pieces that celebrate raw natural beauty. Each piece is accompanied by a specimen card that details the natural histories and origins of the materials used in an effort to deepen one's connection to place.

I began creating natural jewelry years ago, when my family sold our beloved cabin in the Colorado mountains. I looked for a tangible way to hold on to the memory of the property, and began collecting small, natural materials that, when placed together, reconstructed a story about the cabin and what it means to be nourished by a place. Since then, I have used my craft as a way to polish my experiences in nature -
juxtaposing materials possessing their own, divergent stories to create a piece with a single, unified future. I believe observing the natural world - and lichen in particular - gives important insight into healthy, reciprocal living; I thus intend that the wearers of my work contemplate the meaning of time and how it dictates our relationship with the land.


NW Stone Jewelry

NW Stone Jewelry

 My artwork has always been connected to the natural world as I have always been an avid outdoor enthusiast. After meeting my husband, an outdoor enthusiast as well and arm-chair geologist, I was introduced to the geology of the Northwest. This introduction helped focus my art in a new direction, which was to embrace and incorporate the geology and natural history around the Northwest into my work. The stones in my jewelry are found on round hounding trips in and around the Northwest and are tumbled, polished and cut by us. For my final jewelry designs, I like to preserve the natural shape of the stones as much as possible, and take inspiration from the natural environment the stones were formed in to chose or make the beads and findings as well as the pair the metals they are combined with.


SIGIL by Anita Arora

SIGIL was created in 2014 by Anita Arora with a line of women’s outerwear. SIGIL now specializes in leather bags and accessories handmade in small batches using only the finest quality wool and leather hides available to make styles that are both functional and truly unique. SIGIL takes inspiration from the far reaches of the globe, and in particular, the dark and majestic terrains of Iceland and Finland. SIGIL is a proud member of Seattle Made.