Lichenology Jewelry Seattle
Lichenology Seattle Jewelry

I create one-of-a-kind jewelry by uniting locally gathered natural materials - namely driftwood, lichen and antler - into distinct statement pieces. My designs showcase the finer details of each material to create cohesive pieces that celebrate raw natural beauty. Each piece is accompanied by a specimen card that details the natural histories and origins of the materials used in an effort to deepen one's connection to place.

I began creating natural jewelry years ago, when my family sold our beloved cabin in the Colorado mountains. I looked for a tangible way to hold on to the memory of the property, and began collecting small, natural materials that, when placed together, reconstructed a story about the cabin and what it means to be nourished by a place. Since then, I have used my craft as a way to polish my experiences in nature -
juxtaposing materials possessing their own, divergent stories to create a piece with a single, unified future. I believe observing the natural world - and lichen in particular - gives important insight into healthy, reciprocal living; I thus intend that the wearers of my work contemplate the meaning of time and how it dictates our relationship with the land.