Black Moon Market


Black Moon Market is a Pagan Marketplace, held at El Corazon in Seattle Washington. Our Vendors offer a wide range of Pagan related items and services. What will you find at Black Moon Market? You might find crystals, divination tools, jewelry, pottery, art, wearables, books, candles, body products, and more. You will also find Vendors and Practitioners that offer readings and other spiritual services.

lack Moon Market was founded by the co-organizers of Mourning Market, Ginger Rivera and Alicia Sigala. Our goal is to offer a Marketplace, for people of all spiritual paths, filled with talented Vendors, Artists and Practitioners selling Pagan related items and services. Join us for a gathering of kindred spirits, while embracing the beautiful spectrum of our spiritual paths. Blessings, Love and Light.

Black Arts Love Mixer & Marketplace

Black Arts Love

Black Arts Love is an events and marketing company focused on arts, culture and economic empowerment.

Black Arts Love is pleased to host a series of four "Mixer and Marketplace" events over the course of the year, each show specially designed to celebrate African American culture and highlight a diverse selection of artists and small businesses.

Punk Rock Flea Market


From humble beginnings in a burnt-out Belltown basement, the Punk Rock Flea Market has grown into a living breathing organism with ideas of its own. Twice a year vendors from around the region converge on our subterranean strip mall with all manner of treasures. More than 50 peddlers, canvassers, cheapjacks, and solicitors pile into the dark corridors of the Underground Events Center to sell an enormous variety of arts, crafts, comic books, belt buckles, bike parts, jewelry, vintage clothing, fine furniture, stereo equipment, jams and jellies, bras and panties, cakes and cookies, tools, magazines, records, musical instruments, zippo lighters, walking shoes, smoking accessories, and untold riches of punk rock paraphernalia. It’s as if Andy Warhol decided to hold a combination police auction and neighborhood swap meet. While shopping you will be offered scrumptious mostly-healthy handmade food and will be surrounded by live and bottled music from all cultures known to humankind.

Seattle Street Food Festival


In just five years, it has grown into the largest street food festival organizations in the United States with multiple festivals year round right here in the Northwest.

In 2013, our family of festivals attracted over 87,000 people in just three days of operation in some of Seattle’s most desirable neighborhoods like Capitol Hill, South Lake Union and Fremont for an alfresco-style  food and beverage experience. This year's events include Taco Libre Showdown, Seattle Street Food Festival and Trucktoberfest.

Our festivals have been international recognized as a top food and beverage destination and helped to support over 500 local micro to small business mobile platform businesses by providing an affordable market place that serves as an incubator to educate and support their goals.

We are proud to announce our second year partnership with Urban Craft Uprising, the Northwest largest independent craft show organization. This new local-focused market will be hosted with over a 100 locally made hand crafts over two days in Seattle's own South Lake Union neighborhood.

Urban Craft Uprising is Seattle’s largest indie craft show!  At UCU, now in its 10th year, fans can choose from a wide variety of hand-crafted goods, including clothing of all types, jewelry, gifts, bags, wallets, buttons, accessories, aprons, children’s goods, toys, housewares, paper goods, candles, kits, art, food, and much, much more.

Each show is carefully curated and juried to ensure the best mix of crafts and arts, along with quality and originality.  

SODO Flea Market

Sodo flea market

The Sodo Flea Market is a collaboration between Rejuvenation, Atlas Vintage, and the Fremont Vintage Mall to bring you a carefully selected collection of local creators, artisans, artists, and vintage curators!  The second Saturday of every month we will be set up at Rejuvenation’s location in Sodo with an amazing assortment of furniture, decor, and apparel — both old and new!

U District StreetFair

U District Streetfair

The U District StreetFair is the longest running festival of its kind in the nation. In 1970, community leaders established the StreetFair to heal our community after protests, street riots, and violence disrupted the community. Originally a blanket-vending event with lots of free live music, the U District StreetFair has developed into a regional event that features products that are hand-made by individual artists and craftsmen in the USA. In celebration of the international flavor of our community, we invite food vendors to participate along with our many local restaurants to supply an around-the-world food experience.