3 Instagram Tips for More (Quality) Followers

3 tips for more instagram followers

I am always researching ways to build my business and Instagram has become one of the most valuable tools for connecting with clients & like-minded brands.
Organically growing my following is super important to me. I believe that paid-for followers won't produce the results I actually want: more sales for my vintage furniture business.  I recently read this piece on Buffer.com that had some good tips for boosting Instagram followers and engagement.

Three solid takeaways I got from this article:

  1. 11+ hashtags will foster more interactions- MANY more. You can use up to 30 hashtags so take advantage of this.

  2. But as always, be sure that you’re using hashtags that are relevant to what you’re posting otherwise the quality of interactions will decrease. Valuable followers are ones that are actually interested in what you’re posting so do a little hashtag research. Start by checking out what tags your competitors use.

  3. Employ the follow, like, like, like method. The logic behind this is so obvious, but I hadn't realized what a measurable difference it can make. Choose the people you follow carefully- they should be similar or related to your business- and then take a minute to like several of their past posts. In their case study, this produced a 25% follow back rate, which is pretty fantastic. Plus, you are showing support for others in your community and creating some good business karma.